Therapy Services

Adult Psychotherapy

My psychotherapy approach is based on the fundamental belief that all people can heal and grow. We will identify your values and inner resources as well as explore your challenges. I practice several self-acceptance models using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Jungian Depth orientation and Voice Dialogue. These are all unique in their own right however, they share a common view that we are already whole. You are capable of knowing and accepting various aspects of your Self and to learn to become more aware how this interplay relates to improving inner life and interpersonal relationships.

Family Counseling

In Family Therapy we use a strength based, values based and solution focused model. We explore challenges, dynamics and approach the ‘problem’ with multiple solutions and actions.



Expressive Art Therapy with Adults, Adolescents and Children

When we see beyond our familiar narrative, new dimensions and insights are often waiting to surface. The use of expressive art therapies offers a variety of ways to construct and explore inner aspects and create new perspectives in a non-verbal way. This accesses the deeper subconscious mind, the right brain and the instinctual body, as multiple dimensions of the whole Self, creating new neuropathways. I specialize in using the intuitive art process as a therapeutic modality as well as movement, role-play and active imagination writing. This provides a container for themes to emerge and provides a concrete way of ‘seeing’ and processing meaning. Thoughtful use of each modality is determined by appropriateness and timing and, can be used at any point in therapy. There is no need to have any previous art experience in order for this to be highly beneficial and is used with all ages.   ​
Voice Dialogue
The Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego process embraces the premise that we are whole and multifaceted all at the same time. We possess numerous parts within ours Selves or "energy patterns" that have their own feelings, desires, memories, opinions and perspectives. Voice Dialogue is a technique of exploring and giving voice to these various Selves, which increases conscious awareness of the Primaries Selves (or aspects that run your life) and their counterparts (their lesser known aspects). Voice Dialogue is a contained, structured and highly effective way to transform the struggle of opposites into self-acceptance and, to disengage from old, reactive patterns. Voice Dialogue is can very effective short-term.
MARI Mandala Assessment
MARI® (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a psychological assessment. MARI® assessment reveals the content of the psyche, both conscious and unconscious through the use of color, symbols and developmental stages. Unlike traditional psychological assessments instruments, MARI is a whole-brain, multi-layered self-exploration tool that provides deep levels of insight, which increase the potential for immediate shifts in awareness. This invaluable tool is a one-time assessment, which engages and defines the totality of your current process, mind, body and spirit and, points you to aspects that are in development and need attention. Certified Facilitator, 90 minutes
Workshops and Group Facilitation 
I offer creative facilitation for short-term groups or segments of conferences, retreats, and events. Using a needs assessment, a unique group design is created and facilitated to achieve specific goals. I work from a menu of art, movement, mindfulness, focusing, meditation, relaxation, writing or dialoguing in order to assist organization’s movement  towards stress reduction, expression, communication, insight and resolution. Some organizations serviced include churches, mental health facilities, hospitals and schools. 
Clinical Supervision
Clinical supervision is offered for LPC and LMHC state license candidates and, clinical supervision for ATR, Registered Art Therapist candidates. 
Clinical Consultation
Clinical consultation is offered to professionals and organizations. 
All services are offered short term or longer term