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  • Trauma Informed Psychotherapy

  • EMDR Therapy

  • Internal Family Systems / Voice Dialogue

  • Jungian Oriented Therapy

  • Expressive Art Therapy / Experiential Therapy

  • The Daring Way™ (Brene Brown -worthiness, vulnerability, shame, courage)

  • Mindfulness

  • Psychoeducation

  • Cognitive Therapy

Trauma Informed Adult Psychotherapy 

I offer therapy for adults 18+ with a multi-faceted treatment approach. Your unique life experiences deserve an equally unique therapeutic process that works for you, your needs and therapy goals. We will access the approaches that will work best for you. 

Informed Psychotherapy
EMDR photo


EMDR is an evidence based, individualized treatment to address distressing memories and experiences. These memories get stored in a different way and can become triggers for reactive responses. These unprocessed memories are understood to contain the emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and physical sensations that occurred at the time of the event. When the memories are triggered, these stored disturbing elements are experienced and cause the symptoms of PTSD or other disturbances.  
EMDR is a process which help your whole system reprocess these experiences and remember them in a different way. The process empowers you to reclaim your life in an empowered way.

Trauma is common.

What is trauma anyway? There are big T’ and ‘little t’ traumas. No matter what kind they are, they have the same effects of fight, flight or freeze responses. In these states of mind, people can stay in these reactions and be unable to act or respond in the ways that they would like.


Big T” traumas would be events like:

-the sudden death of a loved one

-survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse

-involvement in a school shooting

-a serious car accident,

-a natural disaster


Small t’ traumas are no small thing. They can cause a significant emotional toll over time because often times, they are enduring or repetitive events or messages. The things that can have a lasting negative impact could be things like:

-being bullying or harassment

-emotional abuse

-feeling like you are ‘not enough’ no matter how hard you try

-feeling like you are the cause of your family’s problems

-telling yourself you should move on or not feel a certain way

Trauma Picture
Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Voice Dialoge

Internal Family Systems and Voice Dialogue

Internal Family Systems and Voice Dialogue similarly embrace the premise that we are already whole and multifaceted at the same time. We possess numerous parts within our whole self or “energy patterns” that carry their own feelings, desires, memories, opinions, and perspectives. IFS is a tool to help explore and understand different aspects, parts that are familiar as well as to know lesser-known aspects that haven’t had a chance to be developed yet. 

Expressive Art Therapy

The use of expressive art therapies offers a variety of ways to construct and explore experiences and inner aspects to create new perspectives in a non-verbal way. This is an option as a part of treatment if a client desires. Accessing the deeper unconscious mind and instinctual body can create new insights and neuropathways. I use the intuitive art process as well as role play, movement, and writing. These can all be modalities to use at home between sessions when helpful. They provide a safe container for meaning to emerge. No previous creative experience is needed.

Expressive Art Therapy

The Daring Way™

I am a certified Daring Way facilitator, an educational and experiential modality based on the research of Brene Brown, working with the overarching themes of self-acceptance, vulnerability, courage, shame, worthiness, and authenticity. We have exercises and experiential activities we can use to address any of these related issues.

Lisa Talucci, MA, LPC, ATR

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Art Therapist/Expressive Therapist

Daring Way™Facilitator

Voice Dialogue Facilitator

Colorado License #4294 
Massachusetts License #4042


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