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Trees From Above


It is the very root of our most basic emotional human needs. The question is really not if you belong, but how you belong. And the most important relationship is the one you have with your Self.

I provide a safe, compassionate, trauma informed approach for you to address the
issues and patterns in your life that may be acting as barriers to you living a more fulfilled life. In fact, they are the messengers of information that hold the key to what needs your attention and help you identify inner resources that want to be developed. We can explore your values and identify ways to experience them more often. We can look at your relationships and learn communication and boundary skills to create the kind of relationships that you want and deserve. When you engage in your personal growth and deepen your relationship with the Self, you claim and belong to your Self first, which is the foundation of all of your other relationships.

I Specialize in working with Issues related to Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief and
Loss, Adoption Issues, Attachment, Eating Disorders, Relationship Dynamics, Health Issues and Self Acceptance.

Wild Flowers


Adoption Issues 


Relationships - communication, boundaries,

    family dynamics

Anxiety Management

Depression and Mood Disorders

Grief and Loss

Eating Disorders

Health and Somatic


Perfectionism, Self Esteem, Worthiness




Trauma Informed Therapy

Jungian Oriented Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy / Experiential Sandplay

Voice Dialogue Facilitation / Internal Family Systems

ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Education

The Daring Way™ (Brene Brown -worthiness,

    vulnerability, shame, courage)

Bridge into the Woods


Adult Psychotherapy 

My psychotherapy approach is based on the fundamental belief all people can heal and grow. We can identify your values and inner resources as well as explore your challenges. I draw on several self-acceptance models which all share the common view that we are already whole. You are capable of knowing and accepting various aspects of yourself and learn to become more aware of how this interplay related to improving your inner life and interpersonal relationships. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy was initially developed in 1987 by Francine Shapiro for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Adaptive Information Processing model considers symptoms of PTSD and other disorders to result from past disturbing experiences that continue to cause distress because the memory was not adequately processed. These unprocessed memories are understood to contain the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and physical sensations that occurred at the time of the event. When the memories are triggered, these stored disturbing elements are experienced and cause the symptoms of PTSD and/or other disorders.  
Unlike other treatments that focus on directly altering the emotions, thoughts and responses resulting from traumatic experiences, EMDR therapy focuses directly on the memory, and is intended to change the way that the memory is stored in the brain, thus reducing and eliminating the problematic symptoms. The use of eye movements and other forms of rhythmic left-right (bilateral) stimulation are used while clients briefly focus on the trauma the emotional impact is reduced.

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

I am a certified Daring way facilitator, an educational and experiential model based on the research of Brene Brown, working with the overarching theme of self acceptance, vulnerability, courage, shame, worthiness, and authenticity. I have exercises, writing tools, and experientials we can use to address any of these related issues. Internal Family Systems and Voice Dialogue IFS and Voice Dialogue embrace the premise that we are already whole and multifaceted at the same time. We possess numerous parts within our whole self or “energy patterns” that carry their own feelings, desires, memories, opinions, and perspectives. Voice dialogue can help to explore and understand these aspects and to know lesser known aspects that want to be developed. They are companions in learning and discerning the inner workings of the different aspects of personality and the Self.

Expressive Art Therapy

The use of expressive art therapies offers a variety of ways to to construct and explore experiences and inner aspects and create new perspectives in a non-verbal way. Accessing the deeper unconscious mind and instinctual body can create new insights and neuropathways. I use the intuitive art process as well as role play, movement,writing and sand play. They all provide a safe container for themes and meaning to emerge. No previous experience is needed.


Clinical Supervision
Clinical supervision is offered to all LPC and ATR candidates.


I continue to offer ongoing telehealth appointments and plan to transition to in-person sessions with informed consent related to Covid-19 transmission.  

Sky Full of Light

About me

My psychotherapy work has evolved over 30+ years, working individually with children, adolescents and adults, as well as families and groups. I have developed therapeutic programs and group curriculums and, facilitated with local and national agencies for mental health agencies, hospitals, cancer treatment centers, schools, Department of Social Services and Youth Diversion Programs.

I have worked in private practice for 20 years both in Boston and Denver. I graduated from Lesley University in 1991 and lived in Cambridge and Beverly MA for 20 years before moving to Denver in 2007. I am an adult adoptee who has journeyed through the search and reunion process and I have specialized in this area for over 25 years. I continue to be a student of Jungian Psychology and enjoy art making, hiking, biking, gardening and traveling and learning about different people and cultures. 

I offer a 15 minute phone consultation to understand your needs in therapy and availability.

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Tree Lined Path


Lisa Talucci, MA, LPC, ATR

Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Art Therapist/Expressive Therapist

Daring Way™Facilitator

Voice Dialogue Facilitator


1776 S. Jackson Street, Office 708

Denver, CO 80210


I welcome you to contact me with any questions or discussion about my services for a 15 minute consultation. 

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